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tv   Democrats Weekly Address  CSPAN  June 10, 2017 6:24pm-6:31pm EDT

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skill, and drive of the american people, there is no doubt to the beautiful future we can create together. all it takes is a bold and daring vision and the will to make it real. america will build again under budget and ahead of schedule. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. >> hello, i'm senator ron wyden of oregon. americans across the country are heading into the dark days of summer. the kids are getting out of school, vacations are being planned and families are firing up the grill. would blameobody people who are feeling a little exhausted by politics. the fact of the matter is there are critical, life-changing decisions being made about americans health care right now in the united states senate that should have americans on high alert. came to the senate, i cofounded a senior citizens group in organ known as the gray panthers. what i learned then is that
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change happens from the bottom up. it isn't top-down from here in the stuffy halls of government holdings. a little more than a month ago, the house of representatives twisted a lot of arms and cut back room deals until they passed a deeply unpopular health care bill. heart is the basic architecture that takes middle-class americans to give enormous tax breaks to the well-to-do. no one should be surprised if republican senators take the same approach. this week, majority leader mcconnell moved to bring the house bill to the floor. he was able that way to bypass any debate in committees and set up a rushed dead of night vote on a bill that is going to affect 1/5 of our economy.
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their approach cuts medicaid by .ore than $800 billion some may not be familiar with the role medicaid plays in the lives of millions of americans. it provides basic health care to vulnerable people paying for seniors, nursing home care. for older people don't end up in squalor. or even out on the street. medicaid provides pregnant women with kemah carnegie care services and helps with their children's health care after they are born. medicaid offers health care and support for americans with liveilities so they can and work and thrive in their communities instead of these institutions. medicaid gives treatment of those who have mental illnesses or are dealing with substance abuse disorders, who need a new foundation to stand on so they can lead healthy, productive lines.
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bottom line, without medicaid, moves a giant step backwards to the day was when health care was reserved for the healthy and the wealthy. the republican health care legislation also takes nearly $300 billion in tax cuts away from the middle-class. it is difficult to tell how that is going to make health care better or bring down premiums. working families and seniors on medicaid and those as part of the middle-class are hit very hard under this plan. taken together, it is understandable why somebody would wonder where those cuts are going and how this is actually going to make health care better. thertunately the answer is vast majority of dollars from cuts are used to pay for maximum tax breaks exclusively for the wealthiest americans and the special interests.
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every working american pays a medicare tax straight out of each paycheck, but only those of the top are going to get that special break. income on unearned tax americans is eliminated. i have made health care a priority throughout my time representing oregon. if you or your family members don't have your health, everything else is ready much by the boards. this legislation is going to put the help -- the health of millions of americans at risk. ina commerce this robin hood reverse approach without bipartisan support, republicans are using a little-known process known as reconciliation. that is not a term that is likely to come up in coffee shops around the country. it is so important. reconciliation amounts to a my
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way or the highway approach. not both parties working together to solve the nation's problems that the american people expect. democrats are ready to work together with our republican colleagues to make health care better. we are willing to work together to bring down prescription drug prices to bring more competition into health insurance markets. to improve treatment for those who have multiple chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer that drive much of americans health care spending right now. for now, that is not what is on offer, and the country is worse off because of it. that principled bipartisanship could win the day after americans raise their voices and make it clear they do not support an approach that takes health care from the
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middle-class in order to give large tax breaks to the fortunate few. thank you so much.


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